home again

Whenever Z and I pull into the garage–someone, probably me, says ‘home again.’ The last post here was eight months ago and was written in the halfway house/apartment/roach motel where I lost my bloggin’ mojo but not my heart.  We were there as we built a new home that we actually moved into on August 1. Building from dirt is as slow, as random, and then just like that finished, as you can imagine.  A lot of waiting and then a lot of hurry up. Choices have to be made quickly and then time seems to stand still while you wait for a plumber.  Things are put together in ways you didn’t ask for and don’t like.  Choices you made are not that clear, even to yourself. Then you have to change because a choice is no longer an option. And then, just like that they hand over the keys. Here are the lows and highs of the build.