My name is Kathy and maybe years ago I was walking through the Pike Place Market in Seattle with a friend and she decided we both needed to take up a hobby.  A few hours and unlikely ideas later I decided I would take an interest-food and make it my hobby.  Who am I kidding, it has evolved into much more.  I took it up with a vengeance-learning about cutlery, dishes, chefs and kitchens.  When I discovered Jamie Oliver it was a revelation.  I hadn’t known that chefs could be cool. I found knives that could slice through a raw potato smooth as butter-my favorite are Shuns.  I started hoarding magazines like Gourmet, Food and Wine and had a vague knowledge that there was a food channel on tv.  Five years later I began long distance dating my (now) husband, Brian.  On our first real, just us date, I had grilled shrimp with habanero mango salsa and the rest is history.   We have joined forces to adventure together, winding through all manner of grocery stores, food truck bazaars and adventure dining through Disney and travelling to the temples built by rock star chefs like Rick Bayless, Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse as well as local dives with amazing tacos and Asian street food.  We like artisanal and local food made by the small guys and pass up chains most of the time.  We aren’t total snobs and eat hot dogs and burgers as much as we head out for fine dining.  We eat at home approximately five nights a week and are fairly adventurous eaters.  We have weathered a major medical storm since our 2008 leap day wedding and look forward to sunny days ahead. This blog is a recount of our adventures together.  It might not always be food related and might end up being more for me than for you.  Life is an adventure.


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