tap room

nothing like heading out for dinner on St Patrick’s Day and trying a new restaurant to find out that it is a bar.  We worked and lazed around the house yesterday recovering from a long work week.  Around six we decided to head out for dinner and thought about where to go.  I remembered that there is a semi new place called the Lake Nona Tap Room fairly close by.  We googled the menu and it looked pretty promising with a full complement of burgers, fish n chips and that type of thing.  So we headed over.

It is pretty solidly a bar serving green beer and four giant televisions showing ‘the game’ (in this case March Madness highlights).  They have like 50 beers on tap at a hugely long bar.  Probably the first time Z has been to a bar on St Pat’s.  We found two seats together and placed our orders for coke and iced tea while we perused the menu.  We decided on pretzel bread and cheddar ale dip along with a bacon and blue burger and a bratwurst on a pretzel roll.
The kitchen in back looked tiny but they really put out some good food.  My burger was well cooked medium-super juicy and had crisp bacon and a good amount of crumbly blue cheese on a floated toasty roll.  They hand cut potatoes into super thick chips that weren’t exactly crisp but pretty tasty.  I used a bit of the leftover cheddar ale dip for those and was pleased with the result.
I am happy to have a local spot for a good burger so close to home even if they don’t quite know my name.

coletti’s smokehouse burger

another burger from Spike and Good Stuff.  The Coletti’s smokehouse burger, a 1st place winner at
the 2009 Rachael Ray Burger Bash.  For our purpose a turkey burger on Spike’s favorite potato bun topped with cheddar, thick bacon smokehouse bbq sauce and homemade Vidalia Onion Petals…that’s right.  Vidalia Onion Petals.  Messed up the kitchen a little with the frying mess but super tasty.  The sauce was made from doctored bottled sauce.  I don’t know if I would do that again because there isn’t as much control that way unless you really know the bottled sauce to begin with.  It is an interesting way to boost flavors though.

Coletti’s smokehouse bbq sauce
2 chipotle peppers and sauce diced (I keep my open cans in a flattened ziploc in the freezer and they are super easy to get a fine dice on this way)
1 cup sweet bottled bbq sauce
1/2 cup ketchup (I really like Heinz best)
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
a soup spoon of Molasses

Combine all ingrediants and puree with your immersion blender if you have one.  If not, I’d take care to mash the chipotles really well and combine all ingredients w/ a spoon.  Enjoy!