Saturday morning we went out for the best Mexican street food breakfast EVER. Xoco is Aztec for little sister. Six bucks will pick you up the best churro studded with sugar crystals and an egg and poblano empanada with tomatillo salsa you ever had along with a cup of extra thick Aztec style hot chocolate (w/ chile and allspice.) If you are in Chicago you cannot go without.

hot doug’s

that’s right, hot doug‘s. It isn’t hot dog although we are in Chicago and there is an encased meat emporium on virtually every block. We had the breakfast of champions today – hot dog’s. We had read about this place and seen it on tv. Anthony Bourdain even has it on his bucket list of 13 places to eat before you die. They have a practice of cooking their french fries in duck fat on Friday and Saturday so we braved the cold, skipped a dry muffin at the hotel and stood in line to get in the door.

he ate: Spicy beef sausage with coke cola bbq sauce and munster cheese
she ate: Uber garlic pork sausage with bacon-garlic mayo, smoked gouda and roasted garlic cloves
we ate: a chargrilled chicago dog and duck fat fries

Then we walked it off for three or four hours at the museum of science and industry. Saw everything from the only surviving german sub, the U-505 to an exhibit on legos and architecture. delightful.