Peyton comes to town

We got to meet Peyton Ann a week or ten days ago when my sister and her brood winged their way to Orlando for a summer vacation. Six of them strong they descended on our two bedroom apartment ready for the beach, fishing, the pool and a few attractions.
She is my new little niece, born on my first anniversary, February 28th. She is quite lovely and pink and seems to like both Brian and myself very nicely thank you. She cries if you let her lie there alone and dearly loves to be held.
Smiling at me as we sat under a big umbrella on a sandy towel at the beach. She gurgled her way across the lake in her tiny lifevest as we boated through choppy waters. Sleeping and smiling in her sling at Gatorland with a goat in her face nosing her for food in the petting zoo. And wide eyed at the tiny Mickey Mouse Ears in Downtown Disney.
She got a taste of adventure and fun with us that she will only remember from photos and I will remember in my heart.

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