Argentinian Burger

The latest installment in the ‘cook the book’ for Burger’s, Fries & Shakes was a bit of a challenge. Not the cooking exactly but the shopping. It’s the very first (alphabetical) offering in the book. The picture wasn’t particularly breathtaking to me but I couldn’t bail out so quickly and ‘skip’ a potential winner. We made this one with beef in honor of the gaucho’s of Argentina. It is topped with the recommended Manchego (of Spain, but whatever) and house made Chimichurri that is buzzed Parsley, Oregano, Garlic, Red Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil, smoked Spanish Pimenton and a thin red onion slice. We added some house made Roasted Garlic Mayo underneath for my ‘hiccup’ factor. The burger looks great on my (early) birthday gift of rectanglular plates from Crate and Barrel. We added some baked fries and Brian made spectacular Black and White (Chocolate Syrup/Vanilla Ice Cream) Shakes. We went to four separate grocery stores for herbs because they looked dead and just terrible everywhere. The burger for me didn’t live up to the hype and time. Too smoky and it just didn’t suit my tastebuds. Brian liked it a lot and ate part of my uneaten half. I don’t know that we will make this burger again but the shake rocked. (My new plates aren’t too shabby either.)

4 thoughts on “Argentinian Burger

  1. karin

    >Here's my re-cap:Brian LOVED it.Don't know that I'll make it again.Brian made amazing shakes.We are definitely having those again.And I have total plate envy. I've been looking for those exact plates forEVER.


  2. Kathy

    >Thanks for the observations Karin. Way to call me out. :)(The plates are on sale right now at Crate and Barrel which is my all time favorite home store.)


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