santa fe burger

Had a few girls over from Wycliffe last night for dinner. One is a friend who I have worked with almost a year and is leaving soon for a year abroad to serve at the London City Mission. She is a recent UCF grad and has fostered my interest in blogging, egging me on to bigger and better things. One is an intern who is leaving next week to head back to school and I can see a bit of myself in her. One is someone I just wanted to get to know better and did on the fly. From the last one I had a short lesson in photography which should help my food shots to be more interesting and besides the new friendship I am really excited about that. It was small enough to be able to talk and I could still make dinner on my own with just a tiny bit of help from Z who is recovering from surgery. I am going to invite people more often, although I find, it comes with it’s price. For now, it is as much as I can do.
We made the Sante Fe Burger, roasted poblano peppers, blue corn chip crumbles and monterey jack queso top this burger dolloped with chipotle ketchup underneath. Z felt the cheese sauce a little bland and I would agree with that. If I made it again I’d use pepper jack. We ate it with Alexia sweet potato fries on the side. They were a nice contrast to the burger and gave a pop of sweet flavor and color.

3 thoughts on “santa fe burger

  1. SnSLeavitt

    >The sweet potatoe fries look yummy, did you make those yourself? I have had them in restraunts before and yam fries too. I thought about trying to find a recipe! I love those things!!


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