kick it up a notch!

we made it out to dinner for magical dining month/Brian’s birthday last Saturday to Tchoup Chop (pronounced chop chop) by Emeril. We ate there last year for Z’s birthday and at his other Orlando outpost the year before to celebrate his birthday and our engagement. I guess we must like Emeril’s cooking. This restaurant is a play on asian flavors and is at one of the Universal resorts. We got to sit next to the indoor lily pond this time and my pictures didn’t turn out at all. The food was solid and good and had asian flair. I had some awesome pork and lemongrass dumplings with sake soy dipping sauce, beer braised short ribs and a yummy desert trio. Brian had a funny Japanese strawberry soda (pop!), Chickeny eggrolls with sriracha sauce, citrus (couldn’t taste it) pork with noodles and the same desert. It was a fun meal to cap off a long year and let loose a little. I wonder what we will be celebrating the next time we cross his path?

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