I stand corrected

Well. Starbucks introduced their new VIA instant coffee this weekend. So, because I currently have six coffee pots and an enduring interest in black gold, I figured I would go in for the free taste taste. Reminiscent of the Coke v. Pepsi Challenge in the 80’s, Starbucks put up their regular Pike’s Place offering head to head with their own new VIA instant and gave me a free shot size cup of each. I swished each on my tongue looking for differences of taste and texture.

I chose wrong.

The regular brew somehow tasted thicker to me and so I chose it because that seemed to make sense to me. But, because this new coffee is a superfinely ground bean that basically suspends in hot or cold water or milk instantly and stays suspended (so they say) from first sip to the last swallow. Kind of amazing really and I don’t throw that word around lightly.

left to right: Krups Electric Espresso, Risoli 2 cup stovetop Espresso, Cuisinart Electric 12 cup, Turkish pot with steamer stacked on top, Vietnamese Drip Pot, Bialetti 4 cup stovetop Espresso stacked on a Cuisinart Grinder and down in front, the Starbucks 3 pack Italian Roast VIA

One thought on “I stand corrected

  1. Mamatoto

    >How interesting! I'll have to head down to Starbucks and do a little taste test of my own. Your picture warms heart – you're a good representative for your original hometown 🙂


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