louisiana burger

We made it! Halfway anyhow. Tonight we hit the halfway point in the burger book and in honor of the mighty burger we invited a few people over for supper. We made the Louisiana.
This is the first burger with a spice ‘rub’ – a dry rub with a half dozen savory spices sprinkled on the outside of the burger making a bit of a crust. The burger was topped with a chargrilled red onion slice and house made remoulade which is a mayo based sauce filled with cornichons, flat leaf parsley and green onions.
Brian finished things up by making us toasted marshmallow milkshakes. Sweet.

One thought on “louisiana burger

  1. Mamatoto

    >Congrats on your progress!!! My first thought on the milkshake was, "Mmmm, that sounds yummy." But after some more thought it sounds disgusting. Hoping it tasted more like my first thoughts 🙂


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