miami burger

Miami is famous for a lot of things. South Beach. Art Deco. TV shows. And it is a different kind of melting pot for banana republics like Jamaica, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Cuba. One thing all these nationalities share is a distinct pride of place and definitely of food. There are some renowned dives in central and south Florida serving up these plated acts of love.
For those joining the game late, we are just past midway through cooking through Bobby Flay’s Burgers, Fries and Shakes. I am endeavouring to cook all the burgers in the book and making pretty good work of it.
Tonight we made the miami burger which is a riff on the cuban (cubano) sandwich. It is a pressed burger that is piled with roasted garlic dijon mayo, swiss cheese, sliced dill pickles and a slice of smoked ham with a turkey burger replacing the roast pork. Put the whole thing together, wrap it in foil and press under a heavy skillet while you melt the cheese into an oozing mass. Pretty good eating for a Wednesday night.

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