thanksgiving burger

wait for it…. happy thanksgiving! I actually started this blog one year ago with a post about thanksgiving. No spice rubbed whole turkeys this year although I am still longing for football in the snow.
We had harbored the vaguely ridiculous idea of making our own thanksgiving burger. No help taken (although some would argue we need it) from Bobby Flay. Z made the buns from scratch and they were flavored like stuffing. A little dense and heavy but they actually tasted like stuffing.
A super lean (to taste like the real thing) turkey burger with cranberry apricot chutney, those super salty onions that people put on green beans and just because I like it, goat cheese.
To take the burger to thanksgiving proportions, steamed green beans with a balsamic reduction and macaroni and cheese. We also cracked out the cloth napkins and Hornsby’s hard cider. We have a lot to be thankful for and the next year to look forward to. Based on last year I sure can’t imagine what it will bring.

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