the grand finale or a fresh start

i thought for a while about what I would like to give as the last in the series of stand out recipes for the year. I thought about foods eaten with specific people such as beer braised short ribs. I thought about food eaten in restaurants and taken photos of to take home and recreate like truffled yukon gold puree. I have thought about the food consumed during Brian’s transplant like macaroni and cheese and the better version we eat at home. I thought about flavors that have defined the year like sweet and spicy bread and butter jalapenos, and super thick bacon and fresh zuchini in spaghetti carbonara, and roasted corn mingled with cream and chipotles in soup. I even think about two of the cookbooks that have come into my possession in the last couple of months that are begging to be opened, ogled and cooked out of. I am not sure how to end this complicated year in any way than to look towards the new one.

So, I guess sit down with a cup of tea. We visited Celestial Seasonings this year with friends. Or have a glass of wine. I was thankful that Robert Mondavi 2005 Napa Merlot was in the toe of my stocking. Or shake up a Gimlet and sip it icy cold. Take time out to reflect if it brings you comfort and joy but more importantly, take time to plan and dream because next year beckons.

1 part Gin
1 part Rose’s Lime Juice

Shake over ice. Strain and Pour. Enjoy!

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