dirty water

I have long been a fan of the .50 cent hot dog that translates into a $2.50 cent lunch – 2 dogs, chips and a soft drink – at Ikea. Well, for better or worse this icon of the flat packed and toweringly stacked blue and yellow box that is Ikea has changed. First of all, it changed from $2.50 down to $2. That isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing in itself but the here’s the rub. The dogs are now heated by the dirty water method. They are no longer rolled on the rolly heating element that heated the bit of fat to crisp the outside of the dogs but immersed in a water that becomes tinted with grey and holds a slick of oil topside. While some are fans of the dirty water dog, I felt a disappointment keen enough that would probably drive me upstairs for meatballs and lingonberries.

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