cooking class – week four

three minutes at home to change into jeans and tennis shoes and I forgot my camera!! Class last night was an odd mix of flavors and colors. It wasn’t my favorite menu but my group cooked the takeaway for me, an apple chutney on cheese pate.

  • Spicy Apple Chutney Cheese Pate (no liver, just a cheese loaf flavored with sherry-the chutney would be amazing on meat.)
  • Bourbon Marinated Pork Tenderloin -the sauce a smoothly sweet reduction and tasty blank canvas tenderloin.
  • Fruited Curry Rice Bake – unsure about this one. I should have sampled it further.
  • Broccoli with mushroom cheese sauce – tasty
  • Veggie Cheese Bread – I am neutral on this.
  • Almost Pecan Pie Bar Cookies – buttery and sweet.

I will take time soon to input the recipes for each week so you can try them and let me know what you think too.

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