yorkshire pudding


pray for our friend Rachel of fromtheflat.com – she misses sunshine and lizards in the cold and wet of London.
We made this Yorkshire pudding tonight. It is basically a vehicle for gravy. It is also strangely pretty.
This is based on a recipe from Tyler Florence’s book, Stirring the Pot. I bought it on a recent foray to Barnes and Noble. When I got home I realized I already had the book. This is an issue. Since then, I have gone through my cookbooks with two things in mind. Paring down and getting rid of the gravy that crowds out the meat. Needless to say, I have a good sized pile for either the Goodwill or for next year’s white elephant. I have also decided to cook something or other from every cookbook I own.

One thought on “yorkshire pudding

  1. karin

    >Don't Goodwill a cook book without talking to me first!!! If there's anything you think I could cook out of them, let me know. You know my guilty book pleasure…..


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