cooking class – week five

tonight we cooked some fun dishes. About half the usual suspects arrived so we were each able to get more hands on product. There were some good dishes and some that I would change and some that were not for me.

  • white bean slather. why is it called slather? slather – to spread or pour lavishly
  • cream of asparagus soup – Amazing. I loved this. creamy and warm with bright green asparagus tips. I will post this recipe soon.
  • chicken piccata – it had great flavor. I love capers.
  • fruit and pasta salad with peach poppy seed vinaigrette – ok, I admit. I think making pasta is terribly cool. The ending flavor profile didn’t interest me much but I can’t tell you how much I love making bowties.
  • twice baked cheesy spaghetti squash – strange. I thought spaghetti squash was supposed to be the lo-cal version of a fatty dish. This was full of cheese. It tasted good.
  • good humor baked alaska with orange chocolate sauce – Paul and I made this one. Really beautiful and interesting but I would make individual servings because slicing it stinks. So pretty. I am having a thing for pretty food this week.

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