road trip

yesterday I had the bright waking idea to look up Red Robin and see if there was any progress made towards opening restaurants in Florida. I was surprised to see that one had opened in Port Orange, a small town just south of Daytona, maybe an hour or so from home. I am not sure what even prompted the look. Z says craving? I think it could be that. It isn’t really the food, which I like, but I think the idea that I went there for years with my family and they continue on. I am kind of interested in Honeybaked ham too lately so it must be the same thing.
Last night we got home around 5:30 with no immediate plans for dinner and a looming three day weekend. Z said, ‘Let’s head to Red Robin then…’ So we did.

2 thoughts on “road trip

  1. Dustin Moody

    >I adore Red Robin! I've been meaning to get over to the Port Orange restaurant for a few weeks; perhaps I will make that happen soon.


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