it’s ‘wichcraft!

perusing through cookbooks making a shopping list yesterday I decided that my next “cook the book” is going to be ‘wichcraft by tom colicchio. We cooked our way through Bobby Flay’s burger book and for the most part were thrilled with the process and the flavors. We made one of the sandwiches previously (roasted beef with daikon slaw and horseradish mayo) and I am not sure what took me so long to gravitate back to this book. It could be that the flavors are a little more complex and maybe I think we aren’t up to the challenge but then again…
Tonight we made a roasted pork loin sandwich accompanied by wilted arugula and get this, prunes! The pork was dusted and seared with caraway seeds and then roasted in the oven while I plumped up the prunes in hot water and then Z pasted them in the hot skillet with dijon and white wine while the meat rested. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the caraway seeds. As I sprinkled them they looked suspiciously like something you might sweep up off the floor but they really added another savory dimension and smelled amazing..
Sandwiches can be all of the perfect components of a great meal including flavor and texture and interest all wrapped up in a tidy to-go package. I am excited for the new things we will try!

*note to self-when roasting meat in a skillet-do not grab the handle with bare fingers-shouting !#@#! ensues.

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