J – jam

a couple of posts ago I mentioned house-made being a watchword for foodies… house-made jams and jellies, pickles and home cured meats. Everyone wants to do it themself and save or just do it for the idea of locally sourced and handmade eating!
I don’t really think ‘saving’ happened to me as I endeavored to make strawberry jam but I did it anyhow. $75 later and I had bought a giant black pot, a bunch of funny cannery tools, a box of jars, lids for the ones I’d ruined, strawberries (which were gross) and more strawberries(which were good). I sent Z out for sugar when I came home from the store without it… Anything else? This doesn’t include the $25 book I bought all about home cannery which is vaguely terrifying with all their talk of bacteria.
Wow. It’s messy! Mashed strawberries on my apron, my arms, my shirt, my counters, my wall, my towels and of course, my stove! Not to mention several pots and pans. I have nine 8 ounce jars to show for it. I’m filling up my own pantry.

2 thoughts on “J – jam

  1. Russ

    >Brings back childhood memories of summer in the midwest. Our basement was always full of canned fruits, veggies, pickles, jams and jellies.


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