cooking channel

food network has launched the cooking channel, which is advertised as for food people by food people.   Basically, it is a little dirtier with mostly edgier (not American born?) with probably an averagely younger age and probably distinctly more cheffy cooks.  One of the shows is Dolce Vita by David Rocco which is basically like the italian food show that has food you desperately want to cook and eat – so we did.  Saturday afternoon Z made his Bolognese sauce.  Can I tell you how incredible it was (and is, had it for lunch today!)  The vegetables (carrot, onion and celery) had melted into the tomatoes (Pomi strained – totally recommend them!) and perfectly married with the beef and pork.  Incredible.  It also didn’t hurt that the chef totally reminds me of a friend of ours in Rome.  I am sure I will watch an obnoxious amount of the cooking channel – at least until the show’s begin to homogenize and dull down – but I hope that they don’t.
(I tried to get an action shot of cheese dropping on top of the noodles and seriously…I need a lesson.)

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