birthday eve

yesterday around four we headed out for a little birthday eve adventure.  Heading north northeast through Orlando we made our fist stop at Zori Store where they carry nothing but flip flops.  A dream in the heat of Florida summer and after a pedi.
Then we headed east over the St John to Daytona Beach, home of Bike Week, Nascar Racing and Spring Break.  Before supper we made a detour straight out to the beach and the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse to climb the 203 stairs of terror!  As we pulled up there was a couple getting engaged up top and outside.  I’d drop the ring for sure.  It is rumored to have a ghost but my main fear was the height!  We made it up the stairs and the view is really nice and kind of unnerving.  It isn’t for the faint of heart.  The drive down the beach road was filled with surfers and beach patrol and dreams of a home on the dunes.
My free Red Robin Blue Ribbon Burger, no pink, no lettuce or tomato and swap the onion bun for sesame seed birthday burger was perfect and our evening getaway was complete.

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