i have this thing about cookbooks and kitchen tools (plates, knives, pans, etc) and I have also realized I have a serious love affair with burgers. During our last pass through the bookstore I spied Spike Mendelsohn’s new book, Good Stuff, named for his new eatery (it’s on the to do list at right!) in DC. Spike is of recent Top Chef fame and we actually saw him cook with Richard Blais at a fun event here in Orlando where I got his autograph. Chefs are the new rock stars…
Anyhow, Z snapped it up and hid it from me until my birthday (my idea.) I am ridiculously excited about it. We made cheese fries and the Good Stuff Melt for dinner. Spike is a proponent of wrapping your burger in paper to meld the flavors together which I think works well. This melt is filled with …good stuff. In the form of Good Stuff sauce, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed onions and two cheeses. It was great. This book is worth digging into a little further.
A side note. His cheese sauce, if you try it, is the most ridiculous recipe I have ever seen. It starts with a roux which is NORMALLY equal parts butter and flour. He calls for 1/4 cup butter and a CUP of flour. That is not the stuff that good sauce is made of. I knew that before I made it but figured maybe it would work. Not really. I am not deterred though and will be cooking my way through this extravaganza of burgers and sides and wedge salads.

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