For Z’s birthday we went to Emeril’s namesake restaurant at Universal Orlando City Walk. We had fun trying flavors both fresh and familiar. This still fell during Magical Dining Month so we chose from that menu with a few extras.

Emeril’s elevates itself by bringing an amuse that wakes up your palate – this time it was a tiny bit of rotisserie chicken salad on a crispy wonton floated on a spicy tomato jam. Z reminds me it had pickled cabbage and microbasil on top.

For a starter I had salt roasted yellow beets and local tomatoes with blood orange oil, goat cheese and microgreens and Z had rabbit bolognese on torn pasta. They were both really homey and the flavor of the bolognese was really deep and winey. I am on a hunt for blood orange oil now. We also added a shared plate of andouille sausage with roasted onions, mustard and toasts. The sausage was spicy at the back of the throat.
I had short ribs with white beans and white frisee. It was good but a bit overdone. Z had a half rotisserie chicken with a white cheddar potato cake and bacony collards.
For dessert we each had a bananas foster bread pudding with salted caramel and they brought Z’s with a candle to celebrate.
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