chip shop

I hadn’t had a free weekend in a while due to some extra things in the schedule at work and this weekend I was thrilled (and relieved) to have the whole weekend off.  Saturday we kind of had a date sort of day where we didn’t have much of an agenda except that we had to be at a cooking class by 6pm.  A request had been made earlier in the week to go to the Lego store to do a bit of browsing and I remembered that I had wanted to try the Cookes of Dublin chip shop at downtown Disneyfor a while so we made an afternoon of it.  It is a quick service type of menu where you walk up to the counter and peruse the giant board of mostly deep fried Irish delights ranging from fish and chips (yes please) to deep fried candy bars and burgers.  I ordered the fish and chips and a diet coke (I mean, really…)  and Z ordered chicken tenders.  They had several sauces on tap so we opted for those instead of purchasing the garlic or curry mayo at 3.50. They had two that interested me were the tartar sauce and a nice creamy mustard. The price had the standard Disney tax and lunch for two was about $25 including soft drinks but the fish, tenders and chips were all freshly made and actually really tasty with crunchy light batter and hand cut thick fries.  We sat outside in the shade and watched the world go by before picking up our free sample at the Ghiradelli shop (chocolate filled with pumpkin creme) and entering the fray at the Lego store.

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