stone crab

we went to my parents new place in Sarasota over the weekend. They just moved to Florida from Colorado to get away from the snow and have a nice house on a cute little lake.  My mom is busily cleaning up after the previous owner and has appliances being delivered this week so we ate out dinner and lunch.
Dinner was at Z’s favorite crave, El Toro Bravo which is a New Mexican hole in the wall where it is love at first bite and that’s no toro!
Lunch was both new and old tastes at Philippi Creek Village Oyster Bar.  My mom, dad and I had fresh stone crab claws.  The server told us that Stone Crabs are harvested by breaking off their claws and cooking them immediately on the boat while releasing the crabs back into the water.  Wikipedia says they are a ‘delicacy’.  The meat was served cold or hot and we chose cold with a lime aioli.  The meat was sweet and firm and kind of a lot of work.  We enjoyed it along with our Sunday lunch of crabcakes,  mahi and grouper bites.

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