epcot food and wine festival

we took the day off today and spent the day together at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.  We left home around 10 and headed over.  We headed straight for the world showcase part of Epcot and began with the Mexico side of the park.  We took a few rides, the Mexican fiesta boat ride, the Viking boat ride,  watched a few movies in Norway and France, shopped our way through each country interspersed with tapas sized bites from food stalls from countries from around the world.
Here is what we tried:

Mexico – Corn and  Queso Empanada
China – Pork Potstickers
Italy – Veal Polpetini w/ Rosemary Breadstick
Morocco – Beef Kefta in Pita, Felafel in Pita
Ireland – Kerrygold Cheese Plate w/ Apple Chutney, Brown Bread and Irish Butter
Canada – Chicken Jalapeno Sausage w/ polenta and Cheddar Beer Soup

My overall impression is that most things had a bit of the Disney effect.  Meaning, not spicy or with much seasoning but good for the masses to try out items they might otherwise pass by.  The prices are a little high for tapas but we had expected that and it wasn’t just awful  We weren’t super excited about anything we ate in particular, until we made it to Canada.  Both items in Canada blew us away.  The sausage was both moist and spciy with polenta underneath to counter the spice with carmelized onions and roasted red peppers.  The Cheddar Beer soup – sharp white cheddar with a hit of spice lingering.  We buzzed by the festival booth to run through the cookbook.  Seeing the soup in there, we picked it up.  I am sure it will emerge from our home kitchen soon. We had a few bottles of water in the backpack and didn’t try drinks or desserts this time.  We rounded out our day by hitting the free tasting bar presented by Coke trying different pop shots for various countries and riding through the incredible Disney greenhouse in the land where they are researching ways to grow food with hydroponics and in different ways like vertically to support density or longevity.  It was really fascinating.  There is more than you could do in a day but we had a good one.

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