kitchen cure week two/three

we went out of town last weekend so I missed the second week of the cure and am combining week two and three this weekend..  Week two is purging unused or excess and what I am really finding is either I don’t have that large of excess junk or …I am not willing to part with it.  This has been more of an exercise of sorting, organizing and cleaning than that of purging.  I spent the bulk of my day yesterday pulling items out of cupboards and drawers and wiping down the insides and neatly replacing the majority of what I removed.  I do have a small pile of knives and other paraphernalia that I can live without and won’t miss.
Week three is restocking and replacing items that were expired, broken or otherwise needed.  I have a short list to pickup at the market with the regular shopping, bay leaves, cumin, sugar…that kind of thing.  My couponing while shopping has more or less kept pace with anything that needed throwing away and I can happily replace items out of my own stash.  I also need to send my knives for sharpening and make a trip to Ikea for napkins and maybe some new place mats.  I also have a few small appliances to replace or purchase but think I will hold out for Christmas or other gifting opportunities… a different waffle iron – mine works fine but I’d like a square four up instead of Belgian single, a new/unbroken toaster.  Z wants a food processor, maybe an induction burner or two and some All-Clad.   After all, we are foodies.

ps.  this afternoon we went to Ikea and Crate and Barrel. I am the new owner of some cute new placemats and a square waffler.
pps.  we ate brunch at ikea – scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries and french toast dunkers all for $1.99

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