I belong to this couponing thing called pssst by General Mills.  Periodically they email coupons to try free item along with other coupons for giving to a friend.  Their hope is you will try something and then recommend it to  friend and both be hooked forever…  A month or two ago they actually mailed me two boxes of instant potatoes.  Instant.  I suppose they realized if they went to the expense of printing coupons no one would bother to redeem them because they are, instant potatoes.  Well, yesterday I tossed a 2 1/2# brisket in the slow cooker with

  • cup of teriyaki sauce
  • 1/2 cup of rice wine vinegar
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • a healthy tablespoon of red pepper
  • a few sliced garlic cloves

and let it go for 4 or so hours. We decided to serve with the instant potatoes.  I figure, that’s blogworthy.  I don’t really think they are worth it although they are really quick-about five minutes.  They have a weird texture.  They don’t have near the weird flavor that they used to and for that I applaud the advances in food dehydrating.
A side note.  The garlic turned blue.  Totally bizarre and I read that it is probably due to contact with the vinegar.  We did strain it out to reduce the sauce at the end but it won’t hurt you.  Funny.

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