if I remember correctly, my friend Linda never wanted to hear too much about how great restaurants were, in order not to build it up in her mind to unachievable mythic proportions.   I am terribly guilty of browsing online menus and judging a book (or restaurant) by its cover (website/storefront) and dreaming in my foodie world about everything from amuse-bouche to decor to bathroom sinks (really.)
We go to a church in Orlando called Summit.  It is quite a bit different than anything Z or I grew up with and sometimes leans a little on traditions of the high church in order to teach a lesson or draw us closer to Jesus.  Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, a tradition I am certain I have never previously participated in.  There was a service about considering our mortality which concluded with the imposition of ashes, a mark on the forehead in ash with the sign of the cross.  It is a way to begin the Lenten season moving toward Easter.  Our small group meets on Wedsnesday evenings so we decided to meet for dinner and head to the service.  The chosen dinner spot was Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria.
Where am I going?  We had never been to Pom Pom’s and there was some hype – ‘my favorite’ and ‘great menu-lots of items.’  We snooped it out on the website.  It looked alright but I had an off vibe.  We made our way to the tiny stripmall housing it with it’s unlit metal sign.  It is dimly lit with sort of pop-asian art for sale.  A wall of $9 loaves and a few gourmet cupcakes in a case.  A sign on the wall proclaiming best non-bar hangout.  We ordered drinks – tea is a specialty, I had Passion – which is a black tea, good but nondescript.  Z had Coke (usual) and sandwiches.  Oddly they had no chips, only gourmet (read, not matchy to the food, but inventive- German potato salad with your Asian pressed sandwich anyone?)  All I wanted was a few crunchy chips.   Z ordered an Asian pulled pork and I had a Turkey with cranberry chutney, no sides.  It was ok, if not a little overpriced.  I kept thinking, well, I could make this with a minimum of work.   So, there is is, hype.  It didn’t live up.  It was probably ok, a good lunch spot even, but not worth my dreams of grandeur.

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