old and new

went to 4Rivers last night with old friends in town from Denver.  It was a breezy night, great for eating outdoors and people watching.  The longest line I have seen at 4R and we were thrilled to be in line behind a couple of guys who were straight out of old St Cloud.  Camos, Ripped off sleeves, Carhartt coveralls.  They are the ones who turned us on to the Oreos.

cross section of Oreo

Strangely, or maybe not strangely, Vicky didn’t order any brisket, no pulled pork but all southern sides.   Corn, fried okra, collards, baked beans, cole slaw and sweet tea.  They threw in a deep fried pickle for her and a taster of Krispy Kreme bread pudding studded with raisins.  We usually eat lunch here and since it was dinnertime and we had guests pulled out all the stops and added in some deep fried Oreo’s – that’s right.  Deep. Fried. Oreos.  Three to an order.  The Oreo doesn’t stay crisp but goes to limp chocolately ooze.  It was fun to introduce old to new.

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