lemon cotton candy

we spent yesterday sleeping, picking up the house and recovering from the workweek.  About 4:45 Z asks if we should cook or go out.  We opened up the list of Orlando to-do’s and landed on Banana‘s, a diner in the Mills 50 district downtown.  Opentable confirmed a table although for the hour of 6, it wasn’t a problem.  It isn’t a diner in the strictest sense of a counter and a few tables but has the red and black checker vibe going for it.  The drinks menu was backlit and it had the effect of drawing me to the technology and away from the content and I ended up with a glass of water.  Z ordered a handspun dreamsicle milkshake – it was only mildly orangey but had some nice orange zest on top.  He had a buffalo burger and I had the patty melt.  They were really both only just average and we were mildly disappointed.  We expected more boldness.   I think they forgot the cheese on my melt and the burger was way too thick for the bread.  A lemony cone of cotton candy came with our bill and this was the highlight of our meal.  I think this is really a latenight (post drinks) place or a brunch spot and would hit that note better than it hit us.

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