le macaron

six months ago we read in a magazine that the new it dessert, post cupcake, was the macaron.  I don’t think that cupcakes have really fallen that far from grace.  Orlando, which I feel is terrifically behind the times, even sports a food truck selling cupcakes and food trucks, according the Cooking Channel, are IT.  But, I digress.  The macaron, french and hardly humble is the piece de resistance at a small bakery in Sarasota called Le Marcaron – since I hadn’t tried one before we popped in while shopping and purchased two.
What do macarons have going for them?  Cachet I think.  They are the darlings of Laduree in Paris and food bloggers everywhere.  A macaron is a baked treat that is composed of two outwardly crunchy, inwardly chewy meringue type cookies attached with a bit of frosting or jam type filling.  They are pastel and very pretty.  I tried two, a black Madagascar vanilla and a salted caramel.  They were interesting although very expensive for being a small confection.  I wasn’t prepared for the chewiness and kind of found that faulty although it extends the flavor.  The filling was nice too, a hit of creaminess contrasting the cookie.
Macarons are unique, in general, encompassing flavors from basil to chocolate.  I enjoyed the cookies but haven’t fallen in love or, for the matter, out of love, with cupcakes.

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