rose water

we like, even relish, trying new things. Z likes to read up on stuff and find all the parts and pieces and forge ahead trying things once, twice… or until I freak out.  We tried out a new David Rocco recipe because it seemed intriguing. It is called pasta Anto-te and you can find the recipe at the link. It had a few new to us items in a pasta dish and one was pistachio – yum, right? The other was rose water. Not so much really. It called for three tablespoons, which in some cases, like oh, parmesan or olive oil would be sublime.
Rose water belongs elsewhere. In the garden or behind your ears or something. Every bite was as floral as the last and by the end. Well, I didn’t get to the end of my bowl. I think the pistachio could deserve another chance but if anyone wants rose water – I have a slightly used bottle.

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