think pink


bad photo = awesome hotdog.  So, the guys in the wedding had a bachelor party (old school night -they went for Chipotle and Paintballing which is what they did in jr high and hs) and the girls went out on the town, sort of.  We drove for an eon and went to Melrose (right?!) and ate at the world famous Pinks hotdog stand.  It was a total adventure taking us through the hills and past the Hollywood Bowl past some bad to the bone graffiti that we went around the block to try to photograph and never did.  We finally made it only to find they only take cash!  Happily found an atm although we encountered a fairly unsavory fellow who was interested in our face for dinner.  Undeterred though we stood in line and waited and I couldn’t imagine what the shack could really produce.  Vix and I decided to each order a dog and split.  Mine – coleslaw and hers -Chili Cheese.  They were both really outstanding.  The dogs were snappy and meaty.  The coleslaw sweet and chili that was exactly what it should have been, not a bean in sight.   Not gourmet but darn tasty.

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