surfer chic

my sister and her family found this funny throwback ‘resort’ during their first beach foray four years ago called the Long Key Beach Resort Motel.  They are a very small run operation and perfect for their family in that it is a small place and so laid back. They don’t mind if the children run a little wild and track in copious amounts of sand.  Is is a small hotel with rooms for up to six (as far as I have seen) with each room having a tiny closet size kitchenette with rudimentary appliances and a small kitchen kit including assorted pots and pans, can openers, and dishes.  There is a large gulf view deck with a medium size pool, tables and benches and a grill.  We were able to secure our own room there last year but this year it was no deal.  They wouldn’t rent me a room for under a week.  This must be a sign that the economy is coming back but I’ll say that it aggravated me quite a bit.  We usually go out for 3 or 4 days and let them spend the rest of the time as a family relaxing.

I conceded and started my hunt for a new place to stay.  I landed on what promised to be a shabby beach surfer chic resort called the Postcard Inn.  The website photos looked good with a distinctly industrial surfer vibe poised somewhere between 1972 and the future.  You could see the hand of a shrewd interior designer working magic on surfer chic with a modern vibe.  I loved the decor and took a bunch of terrible snapshots before realizing my sunblocky fingers smeared my lens.  Everything from rubbed stencils on the grey concrete lobby floor to a giant oversize chalkboard noting sunrise, surf height and the tides to a photo booth and lots of niches of seating and relaxing space carved out of a giant lobby opening onto a courtyard filled with giant trees dripping with lanterns and coconut palms.  Our room was kitschy with a full wall decal of surf and a surfboard leaned in the corner behind retro 70’s basement armchair upholstered in sea and surf friendly teal vinyl.

Little did we now that they would also be hosting the bartender’s guild.  Crazy.  Z was out doing some sunset fishing when I returned back to the hotel and was greeted by a whole host of drunk bartenders on my balcony grooving to the summer sounds of a surf band.  The band was alright but dang it was crazy.  Once he came back and we had time to jump in the shower we headed out to the hotel restaurant, the Beachwood BBQ.  The decor is kind of Texas Industrial with lots of pallety looking wood and rusted and galvanized metals.  We ordered the bbq chili nachos and an apple basket of warm apples in a pastry basket and glazed in moonshine.  I also had a cocktail that I am planning to replicate at home.  A strawberry jam – huckleberry vodka, muddled strawberries and lime juice.  Not too sweet and served on ice.  Fresh and friendly.  We would go back to the hotel and eat at the restaurant again – next time we would probably check for conventions and hope for some food bloggers or something.

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