b.a.d. burger – burgerfi

went to a new pizza joint in Winter Park on Friday night called burgerfi.  Not sure exactly what the name means but it is a fun place.  They have silly meat hook and edison bulb decor along with some beer, the thickest onion rings I ever saw, Chicago dogs and of course burgers. I tried out the b.a.d. burger which stands for breakfast all day.  A griddled but fairly thick burger topped with a fried egg, bacon and hashbrowns.  I could maybe have done without the hashbrowns as I didn’t see where they either added or took away from the burger and I liked the fries on the side better.  Z had a cheeseburger with added applewood smoked bacon and jalapenos.  We both liked the branded (w/ burgerfi) potato bun and the crunch the fries and rings had.  I appreciated some technology and campyness sprinkled throughout the restaurant (freestyle coke machines next to old school strawberry lemonade-so good juice dispenser, this buzzer chip technology business on the table so the server can find your pager thing and of course the aforementioned meathook edison bulb chandeliers.  I could somewhat have done without the Friday night Winter Park kids and family crowd but it adds to the charm and gives something to watch.    The website for burgerfi advertises a lot of eco-friendly things like that the chairs are made of recycled Coke bottles and the tables of compressed recycled wood alongside farm based socially conscious food-but it didn’t seem to play that way in real life.  All in all we enjoyed it and will likely go back.  I kind of hope one pops up in my neighborhood though.

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