food and wine 2012

best bets:

mexico – taco de filete (cascabel pepper sauce and scallion with beef filet on a tortilla and creamy luxurious natilla de cajeta  (caramel custard with caramel sauce) -the custard was so sweetly dense after the heat from the chiles on the taco I can’t decide which was better.  The heat on the taco was the most we’ve had from ‘disney’ food.

china:  mango tapioca pudding – giant boba tapiocas and creamy vanilla blancmange

cheese:  beecher’s flagship cheddar with savannah bee honey, la bonne vie goat brie with cherry compote and rogue river blue with cranberry toast – the blue was divine and the cheddar wonderfully ripe and full

along with hurricane sandy giving a stiff breeze making for a great day!


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