well let’s just say that the world as we know it doesn’t end today and you need someplace to go for dinner tonight in Orlando.  I’d recommend someplace new.  Tartini opened about a week ago and says that they are a pizzeria and spaghetteria.  (Do you know how to say spaghetteria?)  Wood fired pizza and pastas in a not your same old Sysco red sauce joint.  We tried to go to this place two or three times before they opened – some confusing lack of real info on their website and long lead time to opening.  I didn’t actually think they ever would but then, two weeks ago Friday, I saw it drop into Facebook.  Grand Opening.  So, we went.  It wasn’t too busy yet and I know of a couple people who later commented, ‘that place is never open!” so it may take them a while to rev up.  It has a clean contemporary vibe and we were kind of amused to hear them state that they import lots of their food from the server. That’s not a very modern concept when so many tout the buzz of local and seasonal. They did say the cheese for the pizza is domestic buffalo milk mozzarella. I ordered a pizza and Z ordered pasta.  He requested one of his favorites, carbonara.  It was a good one, creamy and eggy with lovely salty biIMG_2675tes of meaty pancetta.  I ordered the Diablo pizza-hot sopressata, pepperoni and cherry peppers.  It was spicy in a good keep eating me kind of way.  But the stand out for me was the crust.  Fired in a wood oven it has an amazing crusty sweet wheaty chew with the little hint of bitterness that comes from being slightly charred in places from the intense heat.  Can I say more about it.  It is the crust I haven’t been able to find in Orlando and that I crave! They did well for their first night.  I would definitely recommend Tartini and we will be going back-barring of course, the end of the age.

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