Pasta Alla Norcina

dailydinner‘Man, I’m drooling’ was noted on the slip of paper that my friend Danny gave me with the {recepy-his Italian mother tongue spelling} for pasta alla Norcina written on it.   I was always more than necessarily impressed with my friend Danny’s cooking.  He is Italian born of a native Italian mom and a New Jerseyian (?) dad.  He could and would cobble together fantastic pastas from ingredients that I really didn’t understand like salami and could make a meal out of the most random (to me) odds and ends.  Having grown up myself in a meat and two veg with a roll kind of household with a motley mixed background ranging from Danish to English to German to other things the main three’pasta’ dishes we ate where interestingly, chicken cacciatore, spaghetti and lasagna.  My mom is a great cook-solid in every way rarely making grave errors and rarely making things we didn’t like.  Weirdly I used to put american cheese slices on that chicken cacciatore that my mom cooked for hours.  I was happy to get to know Danny as a friend when he came to Denver to go to Seminary and attended the same church.  We had  great times hanging out, serving at church in our college & career group  and he was so good to share this recipe with me along with lots of fun memories too.  Pasta alla Norcina is the pasta dish of a small town in Umbria Italy called Norcia.  I have fished around the web for recipes and found lots of different versions.  This is a super easy version that makes a huge pot of delicious pasta taking only about 30 minutes.  Thanks Danny!norcina


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