shuttersdidsomebodysaygoofyWe went out for a surprise (although not for the birthday boy) birthday dinner last weekend.  Our friend set up his own party and invited us out to dinner but didn’t say where we were going.  He got some good joy out of making me stew and making the surprise be on us.  Knowing how I google menus and pre-think restaurants he would randomly dangle the carrot throughout the week,  asking if I was nerved up not knowing where we were going.  I lived through it, barely.  As it turned out we ate a a table service restaurant at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort called Shutters.  They said that it was island style food but we didn’t get that too much.  There were a few nods to that culture-boat drinks (mine had a magical light up ice cube that gave me endless joy) and shrimp with plantains and some meat pie style empanadas.  But oddly, no jerk and not much in the way of spices.  Although there were some kicken spicy sweet chicken wings.  I had some mahi tacos with mango salsa, all of which I enjoyed.  The salsa didn’t have heat but a tasty sweetness and there was crunchy cabbage slaw.  Z had steak with chimichurri with some type of boniato puree-more South American than island-inspired but it was flavorful and similar to tacos he really likes during Food & Wine.  Our party was loud and full of laughter.   We had fun hanging out with friends and meeting and getting to know some new folks. After our dinner they brought out a big goofy-cookie and Disneyfied cake for the table.    Fun times!

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