I know this is the second post from Pinterest in a row and I’ve actually legitimately made other things that I actually think were more…..worthy but here they are.  Totchos.  I saw them on Pinterest in a sponsored thing by Ore-Ida or someplace.  Totchos = Nachos with tator tots instead of chips.  I planned to have them as a side for dinner with steaks and salad.  Z was sick and he was hardly eating and so, we just had totchos for dinner.  Nothing real here.  All faux food.  They weren’t bad but we’ve done and will do better.  I took the low easy road.  There’s not even a recipe involved.  Cook some tots per the package (and a few minutes extra to get them crispier.  Meanwhile, fry some bacon lardons (matchsticks) to crispy.  Meanwhile, heat some Fritos jalapeno cheddar in the microwave (Yeah, I said that)  Pour cheese over tots, sprinkle on bacon and a dollop of sour cream.  Green onions would be nice but I didn’t have any.   Enjoy!totcho

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