A Hot Mess

52cookbooksI have made something that could rightly be called – Pie-l (Pile for the uninitiated. )  I call it a hot mess.   I flipped through The Pioneer Women Cooks:  Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl trying to find something to add to our week and found this pie  Lately I’ve just wanted to eat pie for some reason.  It seemed like it would be a quick recipe and I had a pie crust in the freezer so I pulled it out and picked up the Granny Smith apples at the store.  It is an easy recipe—sort of.  In an ideal world I’d be like Ree Drummond and make my own crust and make enough to serve my cowhands and a pack of kids.  She might be accidental but she learned the rules and is living it up!  I just made a skimpy one pie that had holes in the crust through which all my butter and and sugar leaked out onto the pan.  Thank goodness I had lined the cooked sheet with a hunk of parchment because I don’t think that pie would have come up otherwise.  All my goo leaked out leaving probably what would have been a healthier baked apples in a tiny bit of crust but I scooped up what was salvageable and drizzled it on along with pouring on a small stream of salted caramel Torani that we had in the pantry to fill in for the part that was now charred onto the pan…  Ree’s cookbook is good if you don’t mind lots of butter and cream.  I’m not saying either of those are a bad thing but they work it off on the ranch.  Our sofa isn’t nearly as …strenous.  I’ve made a few recipes from the book, a creamy spaghetti, some brisket and such.  My sister made the mashed potato recipe for Thanksgiving and I think she halved it to serve like 10 people.   Good hearty midwestern cookin’.pioneerwomencooks

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