Wondermade presented by Art House Orlando

About a month ago I ordered tickets to an event presented by Art House Orlando to hear the founder of Wondermade Marshmallows speak about the origination behind the amazing bites that are Wondermade marshmallows.  I have purchased the marshmallows before in several incarnations – strawberry for my sister, bourbon, Guinness, and peppermint for Z on various occasions. Last time I ordered I realized they were actually a local product which was fun to know.  A couple days before the event I got an email stating that the event had been moved from the downtown venue to the founders house.  What?!  Weird.  That prompted me to google for information.  Somewhat comforted by the fact that he is the digital/online pastor of Northland Church I decided that the event was either seriously undersubscribed or that they were going to kill us.  Since I work with the fiance of Art House’s marketing person I decided to throw my normal caution to the wind and just do it.  Nevermind he lives at least 20 miles north on the toll road.  arthousewonder

We rolled up to a giant old house with a cute kids easel out front telling us we made it to the right spot.  We were welcomed inside to cold bottles of Lineage Roasters cold brewed coffees and the promise of toasted marshmallows.  These events are conceived as a way to get to know a different, maybe artistic or  slightly hipster kind of audience in a way that isn’t a bar scene.  They are billed as creative gatherings and I’m not sure they don’t harken back to the old fashion concept of a salon.  You hear creative ideas and mingle with the type of crowd that is interested in said ideas.   It was an interesting time and fascinating to hear about the extreme care that Nathan put into the conception of these treats.  He is thoughtful it seems on everything from the type of sugar to the color of his pants (always red—I caught them in the photo above!)   Everything from ingredients to packaging is carefully chosen and considered.  After he wrapped us his talk we stood around chatting while we skewered and tasted marshmallows – berry, pina colada, bourbon, s’more,  and orangesicle.  We love the bourbon but I also really liked the orangesicle.   We picked up a box of mojito and bourbon to bring home and sampled them over the next week or so.  I think there are even a couple of bourbons left.  If you want to share a sweet bite with someone you care about these would be an excellent choice.

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