the view from here

I can see a long way but it’s pretty fuzzy.  A lot going on and nothing is in the clearest focus…just yet.  I don’t have writers block.  I’ve done a few notably foodie things that were fun/tasty/inventive/etc.  I’ve even baked a cake frowaltym scratch.  The truth is ……..I have no margin.  There it is.  When I finished all the things (ALL THE THINGS) I said I’d do there wasn’t time left for this.  I just didn’t have room for one more thing in life.  I filled it up.  And the thing is, not with bad stuff.  I just filled it up with other stuff.  And when I wasn’t doing the other stuff I sat on the sofa with my feet up to catch my breath.

I have been busy with work-a new book is launching this week that we have been working on for A YEAR.   And not by myself.  Work is also a spin of other big picture things that should start to come into focus this week.

I’ve been busy with Z.  He has had a long stretch of reasonable (for him) health.  A girl could get used to that.  But we left that stretch this month and he’s been sick over TWO weekends.   Two different things that have taken the stuffing out of me.

We trained for (sort of—in the gym) and ran (one jogged/one walked) the runDisney Tower of Terror Happy Haunted Trail Race (5K) and prepped a Merlin costume and attended the Disney Not So Scary Halloween Party (it was a total candy grab and the most epic pics are coming soon).

Foodie-ism and all that goes with it have gone off the rails.  We had sandwiches three times last week for dinner.   They were kinda ‘gourmet’ and not just a slap of peanut butter on bread but they were sandwiches.  No heat applied.  Dinner in 10.  That is reality.

On the horizon though – an exciting and food-centric (for me anyhow) trip in a couple of weeks that could reinvigorate and restart the not-so-well oiled machine.  I did make pickles one night this week with a friend for his 30 before 30 list from a recipe gleaned by emailing a local restaurant.

We’ve also attended the 2014 Epcot Food & Wine Festival a couple of times.  The first night was on the opening day of the festival and it was just drooling down cold rain.  That’s impressive for here because cold rain isn’t really a thing.  But I couldn’t stay away and we went out for it – mainly just to get a lay of the land and have a fun last ride on Maelstrom.   Sadly, the Norway classic is now closed.   I somehow persuaded Z that we should go on it one last time about four times. Photos and Food & Wine thoughts coming this week.  I commit to that.

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