People will think you are fancy

I’ve noticed, if you care about food in any specific way, that people most likely think you are also probably a.  a food snob and b. somehow fancy even if you are just eating a hot dog or similar.  I totally think it is possible that I am something of a food snob but it doesn’t mean I won’t eat a hot dog.  I mean, let’s face the facts.  I love handheld foods.  Sandwiches, burgers (the most!) and tacos.  But, I also love to make them in a little bit of a special way at the same time.  Roast turkey with bacon & homemade onion marmalade?  Sure.  Burgers with homemade pimiento cheese?  Definitely.  Tacos with the best heat cutting tastiest sauce ever?  Yes, please.  Call it the high-low effect.  The lowest food brought to the very highest height.   I really just want people (including me) to care about what they are eating.  To find it to be the best taste they had all day, or maybe all week.  Tonight I’m making a recipe for that heat cutting tasty sauce.  It is literally a five minutes and done recipe that makes dinner just a little more special.

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