who doesn’t love brunch?

went to Cask and Larder Sunday on our way out of town for the Christmas holidays to treat ourselves to their luscious pastries and yummy bites for breakfast.  I started with the crazy spiciest bloody Mary – garnished with an olive, sausage chunk, pickle and a lime wedge.  Crazy I tell you.  I think I kind of don’t love that vinegar spice thing in my morning beverage choice but it was fun to try it.  I had little black pepper biscuits and gravy for my main primarily because I wanted to try that gravy.  Ok, but the pastry board was all kinds of deliciousness.  A bananas foster profiterole with serious crisp thin shell and filled with rummy banana cream.  A savory cheddar scone with HAM (!?) butter.  A tiny preserved pear and cranberry muffin with orange butter.  But the very best bite of the day by far was a tiny bite sized apple fritter with apple cider glaze.  CRAZY amazing.  Who even knows how they do that.  I want one now.christmasbrunch

second breakfast

kind of behind on the posts.  Waaayyy back at Thanksgiving we went to Denny’s – yeah, that’s right, Denny’s for the Hobbit menu.  I mean who could pass that up?!!  We did the whole nine.  Build your own Hobbit Slam, The Hobbit Hole, Shire Sausages, Seed Cake French Toast, Radagast Red Velvet Hush Puppies.  Ridiculous.  It was greezy in that Denny’s way but a total laugh.  We technically didn’t have second breakfast but rather breakfast for dinner.  I love adventures and this was an easy one.  Our waitress called us honey and everything.second breakfast

amaretto sour

a sweet treat for relaxing by the fire-even if you live in Florida and the fire is on your television.

2 oz Amaretto
1 oz sweet & sour

stir with ice
garnish with a cherry


a foodie gift exchange

It was Z’s office Christmas party yesterday and I took a day off work to attend as it was held from 9:30-2 or so.  I have spent the week hating on gift exchanges.  I am not terribly competitive but for some reason gift exchanges leave me hating people and gifts dug out of the bottom of their discard piles and junk drawers.  Today’s gift exchange had a twist though.  Everyone was asked to bring a food item, either good (as in your favorite) or funny.  There weren’t too many funny ones, which pleased me but rather many random acts of baking or purchases of token Christmas cheer including boxes of cookies, chocolates, and that type of thing.  Overall I was totally impressed with both the offerings and the packaging and the thoughtfulness.  We were also pleased to come home with a set of red and green Tabasco sauce as well as a box of Christmas Captain Crunch.  Probably the best gift exchange ever.

btw – we brought a bottle of 4R bbq sauce and a giant tub of white cheddar cheese balls.  Both of which were fought over and retired before the end of the party.