rest in peace

SmartPower 5 Speed Electronic Hand Mixer passed on at a ripe old age of 10+ years, while residing in Southeast Orlando, Florida.  The mixer is survived by a beautfiul red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and two whisks.  The mixer died Tuesday morning at 7:45AM making cream cheese frosting for a thank you party.  Attempts to revive did not work and repair was deemed-impossible.  The hand mixer lived life whipping hundreds of pounds of mashed potatoes, creaming butter and sugar for cookies and gently mixing brownie batters.  The mixer served youth groups and soup kitchens, family holidays and intimate dinners for two faithfully and will be laid to rest Thursday morning with Waste Management of Orange County.  It will be missed.mixerobit


dinner #1

so, in a brave and bold effort to prove something, maybe only to Karin, I am going to post what we have for dinner for the next 31 days.  Be it humble or hi-falutin, you’ll see it here.  Maybe even a recipe.stroganoff

no words

Craziest weekend.  Getting ready for out of town guests, Z’s birthday festivities and coloring outside the lines.  I haven’t had much to say lately or maybe my brain has been too full to be creative-I’m not really sure.  The weekend seems noteworthy though.  Z turned thirty four on Saturday so I struck out from the house at 7:30 for one of his favorites that we never buy, doughnuts.   That is only the beginning of the madness.  A timeline maybe seems in order.

7:30 left the house – strangely felt a kiss of …is that cool air?  Fall starts tomorrow.

7:45 hit Charlies Gourmet Bakery for a few cookies for this week’s lunch. (I don’t bake as a rule and felt like giving Z a prolonged birthday treat)

7:47 ran into a training race?  What?  drove alongside people running.  Ignored GPS turn left every block for about 50.

7:57 what the heck.  Now what.  Turned right.

8:07 This is obscene.  Am now downtown and there are tourists taking pictures.  What time did they get up?

8:17 finally hit Bakery Plus for my $5 worth of doughnuts.  Ate one in the car out of frustration.

8:27 decided I should sit and wait for Freshfields Farm to open at 9 so I can counteract the cookies and doughnuts with fruits and vegetables.

8:57 they open three minutes early.  Thank goodness.IMG_20130921_112626

9:07 check out and head home with 5 bags of produce that will speak to a major mess tomorrow.

9:27  Home again with Z’s birthday doughnut.

Did this really all just happen?  Did I really buy all this produce?   Fresh eggs, Raspberries, Thai chillies, Jalapenos, Kirby Cukes, Lemons, Limes, green beans, snap peas, Onions, fresh herbs.  I have just set my day tomorrow in motion because no one in their right mind could eat all this.  We’ll see…

star wars weekends

we met Boba Fett!  Well, we met Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who originally played Boba Fett and he signed a Lego base plate for Z.  Anyway,  Boba Fett was always his favorite because, ‘Everybody loves a bounty hunter.’  So, long story short, we got to the park at 6AM and got in line for a wrist band that entitled us to get in line for a fast pass.  We were like in the last five or ten people in line to get one.   The upside to this is that if you are at the park that early you are in like the second row and don’t have to paystarwars to park.  🙂  Then we got a fast pass for 5:05 PM!  We made our way back to the Star Tours ride checking out a speeder (I sat on it) and a giant AT-AT.   So we spent the morning riding rides -walking on one after the other with no lines until we stopped for lunch.  We went to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater for lunch.  A big dark cave with a starry ceiling and you sit in booths shaped like old cars and watch 50’s B movie about aliens.  It is supposed to evoke old drive-ins and it was actually pretty good.  I had a Reuben with fries and it was a little too meaty for me but it had fresh buttered grilled bread and fries.  The best part, they serve Cokes with syrup, like cherry or vanilla.  I had a sugary sweet vanilla Coke.  Awesome.  It was a great way to cool off and wait out the afternoon for our turn in line.  Well, we got our signature from the kindly Jeremy Bulloch.  Soft spoken and very sweet.  He told us it had been a long day and posed for a photo or two.  We later wrapped up our day with a Darth Vader chocolate peanut butter cupcake.  It was surprisingly moist and giant and had a whipped sweet peanut butter frosting under a layer of rich chocolate ganache-it had a bit of Disney tax but we were easily and happily able to split it.  A sweet end to a very long day.