no words

Craziest weekend.  Getting ready for out of town guests, Z’s birthday festivities and coloring outside the lines.  I haven’t had much to say lately or maybe my brain has been too full to be creative-I’m not really sure.  The weekend seems noteworthy though.  Z turned thirty four on Saturday so I struck out from the house at 7:30 for one of his favorites that we never buy, doughnuts.   That is only the beginning of the madness.  A timeline maybe seems in order.

7:30 left the house – strangely felt a kiss of …is that cool air?  Fall starts tomorrow.

7:45 hit Charlies Gourmet Bakery for a few cookies for this week’s lunch. (I don’t bake as a rule and felt like giving Z a prolonged birthday treat)

7:47 ran into a training race?  What?  drove alongside people running.  Ignored GPS turn left every block for about 50.

7:57 what the heck.  Now what.  Turned right.

8:07 This is obscene.  Am now downtown and there are tourists taking pictures.  What time did they get up?

8:17 finally hit Bakery Plus for my $5 worth of doughnuts.  Ate one in the car out of frustration.

8:27 decided I should sit and wait for Freshfields Farm to open at 9 so I can counteract the cookies and doughnuts with fruits and vegetables.

8:57 they open three minutes early.  Thank goodness.IMG_20130921_112626

9:07 check out and head home with 5 bags of produce that will speak to a major mess tomorrow.

9:27  Home again with Z’s birthday doughnut.

Did this really all just happen?  Did I really buy all this produce?   Fresh eggs, Raspberries, Thai chillies, Jalapenos, Kirby Cukes, Lemons, Limes, green beans, snap peas, Onions, fresh herbs.  I have just set my day tomorrow in motion because no one in their right mind could eat all this.  We’ll see…

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