bolder boulder

Well, vacation winding down but feeling the need to get out in the fresh air just one more day… Friday we went up to Boulder. Home of the University of Colorado, the Bolder Boulder 10K, tree huggers, street performers and strangely of late, foodies. The recent Top Chef season five winner, Hosea hails from this cool town and the Jax fish house.
We started the day at the factory of Celestial Seasonings learning the difference between black, green and white tea and lingering in the mint room, where if they left the door open overnight, you could smell mint for 4 miles the next morning.
Then we walked along Pearl Street stopping for lunch at the West End Tavern. Three of us had the same lunch and it is worth mentioning. A bacon and jalapeno cheeseburger. Really, I don’t know who first started pickling jalapeno’s but they couldn’t have done better than this. They were basically bread and butter jalapenos. I will be attempting this very soon.
We strolled down Pearl stopping at a few old favorites, Two Hands and Peppercorn with this crazy fold myself into a box guy somewhere in the middle. Our day wrapped up with a stop at Tee & Cakes for a cupcake and coffee. A sweet ending. Time to head for home.


Wednesday night we headed downtown to the Highlands neighborhood where Vicky lives. It’s one of those regentrified neighborhoods where the houses have ‘charm’ but my mom wouldn’t want to live in one. If you know what I mean. We started out at Rootdown. It’s a farm to table type restaurant where they source locally and with integrity. We had appetizers there. I had heard ‘good things’ about it. The cocktails and company turned out to be the highlight. I think we would’ve done better by it having had dinner there. The building is great though, built in an old filling station. Sometimes fame, I think, comes too quickly.
Afterwards we walked (6 blocks, or 12) up to 32nd and had a very light supper at bang! which has the dinstinction of being the first place Z and I ever went on a date. It has, in my mind, everything going for it. I had a potato and goat cheese croquette with beurre blanc that was inspiring.


  • gimlets & mojitos
  • sweet potato fries w/ curry sauce
  • deep fried artichoke hearts
  • grilled peach bruschetta


  • potato & goat cheese croquette
  • flank steak w/ fried polenta & bitter greens
  • romaine salad w/ dried cherries & blue cheese
  • arugula salad w/ dried apricots & sherry vinaigrette

modern mexican

We went out to lunch with my mom and dad to La Sandia, or if you are Z, La Sangria because

  • he likes to be difficult
  • if he can get a rise out of me he is delighted
  • he knows I like sangria

We went here because the chef is one we like and I wanted to try it out. The salsa was killer and maybe thickened w/ bean puree. I need to try that.

dad – chile rellenos
mom – baja tacos
me – baja tacos
z – torta (mexican sandwich w/ pork)

parisi – it’s italian

we went out to dinner with some great friends, some of a lifetime and some a bit shorter but the vintage is as wonderful. The scene, Parisi. Closest to a bistro or pub where the food and wine are uncomplicated and friendly but the owner is from Florence. It has a lovely shop selling gelato, espresso and things to squrrel away in the pantry for a rainy day. The photo is the view from our table.

the players in no particular order.

k- pollo con funghi w/ olive oil potatoes
z- pasta alla amatriciana
d- tomato soup
v- italian wedding soup
a-gnocchi w/ pesto cream
j- pizza salad